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Alkaline Vegan Breakfast

I have converted from being a traditional omnivore to a strict alkaline vegan. To break it down, I ate meat and dairy my entire life. After hearing about Dr. Sebi two months ago, I started to research his work and nutritional guide. I was taken back by why he chose specific foods on his diet. After hearing that what we eat causes most of all health conditions,

I switched cold turkey and have not looked back. I had to create and replicate foods. I was glad to know many others had started their alkaline vegan journey. As my blogs go on, I will detail how this new lifestyle has changed me as a whole, for the better. Today I am sharing my alkaline "oatmeal". I was over at Whole Foods yesterday and was looking for an alternative to oatmeal. I remember asking my mom whenever she was over to make me her version of traditional oatmeal. Of course it contained granulated sugar, oats and milk. I missed that warm breakfast. I found quinoa flakes. In the bag it looks pretty flaky not like the beads we are used to seeing. I used hemp milk, organic agave nectar and cinnamon to sweeten. Is it hard? Absolutely. I have to constantly look for new ways of cooking the same things over and over again. The long-term benefits outweigh my struggles. Below are the things I used to make this dish. My recommendation to all is to research Dr. Sebi; watch his videos. Understand his reasoning behind selecting certain food for his list. Our bodies are electric do not forget that!!!

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