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Wake up & waist train!

This post is dedicated to all women that have no clue about the power of waist training.

First off, I‘ve been waist training for 15 years. That has to mean something right? Well after running through countless trainers I am here to suggest a really good one. To waist train is life. Simple. It’s our everyday (if we can) undergarment. This should be something we do religiously; it’s the holy grail to obtaining the desired result we alllll want which is a tiny waist line. Rewind to when I first started. My mom immediately takes me to a waist training/Colombian faja store once I came home after giving birth. She implemented in me that if I wanted to snap back it was what I had to do. I began to become increasingly comfortable in the garment. From then on, I wore it 5 times a week for 6-8 hours. This is waist training at its finest. We have to train our bellies to stay back; by compressing the area. If there’s no compression the belly becomes accustomed to sticking out. Naturally, we weren’t born with a coke bottle shape but this garment can absolutely help you mold that silhouette.

So which garment do I suggest? Our waist belt. It is not a latex waist trainer/faja. It has double compression and sinches your sides right in. Traditional latex trainers fold in the middle if you try to sit down. This one will not. The garment should be worn under work clothes, during work hours so that you can relax and take it off once you get home. You can also sleep in the belt. Take it from me I am a mother to multiple children, but my waist line doesn’t show that. My waist is very small after all the pregnancies and my stomach is flat. I am proof that this garment works! We sell our garments in our studio and the price is $50. Ask about them on your next appointment!!!! My advice is to never stop waist training. It’s part of being a woman And the self care that comes with it.

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