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15 minutes

During your consultation, our experienced team is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, concerns, and aspirations. We take the time to discuss and customize packages that align with your specific objectives, ensuring that you receive the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. Additionally, our experts are readily available to answer any questions or address any uncertainties you may have about the procedures, pricing, or the overall process. We believe in transparency and strive to empower our clients with the information and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their aesthetic and wellness journeys. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities, and our free consultations are designed to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve as you embark on your transformative experience with us.


15 mins 

Free Trial!

Experience wood therapy at Bella Tre Body Sculpting! Are you on the fence about scheduling with us? Get to know us today! Ask us all your questions so that we can schedule the right appointment for you!

*Please only schedule if you  know  for certain you would like to schedule an appoingtment to start treatment*

Performed on belly and sides only


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