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Crystal is a businesswoman and entrepreneur from Philadelphia. With her business degree and certification in Body Sculpting, she's licensed and insured to perform body sculpting services in the state of NJ.


Crystal discovered body sculpting when she looked for a way to achieve her desired look without risky and costly surgery after pregnancy. She found a doctor who performed one session of Cavi-Lipo for $500. Although impressed by the results, she wanted to find out how to deliver these services to both men and women at a more affordable price. She went on to study, learn, and train in the industry to create a business where she was able to eliminate overhead costs and put money back into her client's pockets.


Her goal is that through her services, she can empower her clients at a fraction of the cost with little to no risk compared to traditional surgery. 


 Our staff holds several certifications to provide you unparalleled results and experience.

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