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Panty Problems

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Hello Bella Babes!

This blog is dedicated to helping you find the correct underwear to compliment your body. I can remember buying the wrong sized underwear for a really long time. I am slim, so I always assumed I could fit an x-small or small. I was so wrong. There is great importance in buying the correct size. First off, when you're wearing an ill-fitted panty, you start to see bulges you never knew you had. In turn, those bulges become trained to stay as-is (puffy over the top of your pants). Panties that are too small squeeze areas leaving behind lines, causing the development of creases right below your belly. Panties should feel comfortable; not baggy but not tight. The tightness digs into your midsection oftentimes, shaping your body unfavorably. Low cut panties and pants can also affect your waistline. Low cut clothing can look cute but, ultimately, it is bad for your shape. You're, in essence, giving fat leverage to grow outwards when it should be trained to stay compressed. We recommend high waisted pants and panties. You can still look cute with high waist underwear. Alternatives such as Victoria Secret high waisted thongs are available. More economical options can be found at Marshall's as they sell multi-packs of compression panties. We are able to train our midsection to stay in good shape. It takes small changes and lots of dedication.

Next time you tell yourself that your looking a bit odd around your waistline, take into consideration your panty of choice.

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