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Have you heard of Dr. Sebi?

If not, continue to read!!!

A few months ago, I heard his name for the very first time. He was a holistic healer; a teacher. His methods were non-invasive and herbal. He claimed to be able to heal all diseases in our body simply by eating a plant based diet. Not your average plant based diet. He calibrated a list of alkaline foods. These foods were said to give our body the electric components to move, think and heal. I was so intrigued by his alkaline diet that I started to follow. I’m nearing my 90 days free of dairy and meat. I feel AMAZING!! This book details his beliefs on healing, herbs, food and the system we call “home” (our bodies). I recommend this book so that you can familiarize with his beliefs and how we can naturally rid our bodies of the “unnatural“. In the blogs to follow, I will mention a few more naturopathic physicians and my findings of the research I’ve done.

If you didn’t know, our bodies have the capability to heal itself. Have you ever thought about the fast food you eat, where it comes from or why it lasts so long without going bad? Have you ever thought about how they make cows milk? By way of what we eat, we determine our future health in the only body we are given!

Tell me your thoughts or whether you’ve heard of his name. What research have you done? How are you changing your ways for the better??

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