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Quarantine and chill

As I sit on my sofa, my waist trainer is on and I am going nuts from not being able to work for the past week. I am sure we can all agree that we had to adapt to this new lifestyle called "isolation". I've done my best to keep up with my normal lifestyle whilst being home. For the past two days, I have worked out like a crazy person (my personal trainer would be proud of me). I did some cardio on my treadmill [hate cardio] glute exercises with my peach bands and lots of exercises for my arms and back. I 100% left out ab exercises; so wasn't in the mood. I've done my best to keep up with my alkaline diet as many of my foods are fresh fruits and vegetables. I want everyone to know how important it is, currently, to be mindful of what we are eating. By eating foods that are alkaline, it reduces mucus build up in our systems which in turn maintains a stable PH in our bodies where sickness or disease cannot live. Mucus is the root of all sickness. With the current pandemic, it is crucial to avoid food that can produce an acidic environment. Those foods are as follows: meat, dairy, many carbohydrates, and sugar. All disease starts in the digestive tract. What we eat sets the tone for our skin, how we feel, positive energy and curves sickness. I understand how hard it is to change your diet. Our parents raised us on animal products. The difference between now and then is that food is much more genetically engineered than ever before. It cuts the cost of production, looks more appealing (bigger) and can be mass-produced. I am happy to say that despite the fact that I loved buffalo wings and a cheesesteak (Philly-ish) on the 31st of this month it will be a year since I have eaten any animal and non-alkaline foods. Below are two photos one of lunch at work - organic avocados, chickpeas, quinoa, basil, peppers and I added green beans. The next photo is of my favorite go-to soursop leaf tea. Click the link to read about how soursop leaf tea can help us right now with the covid-19 virus

I hope you guys can do your research and make some healthy changes for the new year! Remember its all uphill from here. This is only temporary and shall pass.

Stay safe and if you have questions about the alkaline diet dm me!

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